Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Egyptian Uprising Resources

What a unique situation I am in as a teacher.  My 9th grade classes were just wrapping up the French Revolution, as the Egyptian protests began.  I decided to dedicate the next week to exploring the protests with my students and next week they will be completing a comparative project between the French Revolution & the Egyptian Protests.

Here are the resources I have used so far with my classes:

Egypt's Protests Explained - Time Magazine Videos

Mubarak Interactive Timeline - New York Times

Ways to Teach about Unrest in Egypt - New York Times

Choices Program: Egypt - Brown University

Mubarak Interview - ABC News Video

Day by Day Photographs of Egypt - New York Times

The Future of Egypt: No Clear Leadership - New York Times

These are only a handful of the best resources I have found.  If you know of any other helpful resources please leave a comment and link.


  1. Hi Greg,

    Larry Ferlazzo is my go-to-source for this stuff because he does such a great job of sorting his lists and keeping them up-to-date. Here are the ones that might help you the most.

  2. Hey- we did mini-unit here as well. Link to my class website for the 4 lessons on Egypt.