Friday, February 11, 2011

Writing X Infographics

In an effort to find more ways to initiate in class writing assignments I tried a new technique yesterday.  My 9th grade world history students have already covered the French Revolution and we have dedicated the entire week to learning about the protests in Egypt.  Next week they will create a comparative project (movie, podcast, songs...)

Finally, onto the purpose of this blog post.  To begin class yesterday, I had three infographics about the protests cued up to project.  I projected each infographic for two minutes and told the kids they could take notes or just observe the content.  I then switched to infographic two and three...six minutes had gone by.  Then, I told the students they would have five minutes to turn the visuals into fully developed written paragraphs about the Egyptian protests.  They could use prior knowledge from assignments throughout the week or could base the writing just on the visuals.

As the clock ticked, the pencils and pens were furiously moving and rarely did a student even look up to think about what they should write.  After the five minutes had elapsed, I told the students to put their pens / pencils down.  In every single class, there were at least four students who were adamant that they needed more time and wanted to write more...okay.

I then had students share their writing.  It was some of the best written, organized and presented information they have produced all year.  Some students wrote thesis statements and backed them up.  Some students made predictions about what would happen based on the information.  And, a few students made comparisons to the French Revolution.  It was an unbelievable experience and I highly recommend this writing strategy.

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  1. I love when I have one of those moments when they take off on fire! Thanks for sharing.