Friday, March 18, 2011

Born to Learn

I came across this video the other day thanks to a twitter post by @andycinek.  The last time a video struck a cord with me like this one did, was the first time I saw Ken Robinson's talk at TED about how schools kill creativity.  

When I first watched this film, I felt like the very core problem with education was addressed. Being that the unique talents, abilities and human desire to change and be different isn't embraced, it is devalued, inhibited and eventually beaten out of our human desire to learn and be creative. We see it every day, students are trained to pursue grades and lose sight of the purpose, to learn, explore, create. But I don't think it is their fault. We have created a system where learning is often secondary to grade attainment. It isn't too late, to change the atmosphere in your classroom. I have taken small steps this year to try to create a culture of learning & exploring. A culture that values creativity and original ideas. I do think grades have a place in education and I'm not of the mindset of abolishing grades. I think we can create a balance in our classroom, where we value the abilities of our students, allow them to be creative and flourish. We all want to learn, create, grow and challenge the past. As the very last line if the video suggests, adolescence is not a problem, it is an opportunity.

To learn more about Born to Learn, visit their site, and check out the article from the Huffington Post.

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