Saturday, March 26, 2011

Twitter & Blogs....a flash in the pan?

Are teachers on twitter & writing blogs a fad, a flash in the pan?

Thoughts please...


  1. Blogs? I don't think so. While the publishing format may move more towards video or audio at some point, I imagine there will always be teachers who have a desire to write, argue, reflect, and discuss teaching in a public setting.

    Twitter, on the other hand, I think has to be a flash in the pan. It's a ridiculous arbitrary format (140 characters?) that limits dialogue. Twitter is popular now because it is popular. The only real reason I think there is to be on Twitter is because other people are on Twitter. That will fizzle at some point.

  2. No. In my opinion, it is something new that is taking off and will be around for awhile or until something newer and better comes along but I don't see that happening for some time. Blogging is not a phenomenon just in the education world. There are trillions of blogs and a wide range of topics for many different interests and professions. As is twitter.

    So, one could ask: Are twitter and writing blogs a fad in general? Definitely not. Blogging is journalism for the rest of us; it creates content for many different people. No longer is the NY Times or USA Today or any other publishers deciding what I want to read but, I get to decide. Blogging is democracy for the writing world.

  3. Though Twitter has flaws for all users, it does let us share links, have shared chats, provide backchannel opportunities.

    Blogs are for longer format information, and, until something better comes along, educators are often writers who deserve an easy method to share.

  4. I don't see Twitter disappearing any time soon. Wherever there are celebrities, there are hordes of the populous that will follow. And since twitter is an amazingly easy way to share your thoughts with the masses, I don't see celebrities slowing down any time soon...

  5. This was the focus of one of my blog post recently...

  6. I think that the fromat of twitter fits the times that we live in. We move fast and the pace of our lives requires that we be able to quickly process and digest what we see. Other new technologies make us used to immediate satisfaction of our needs. Even the DVR has made it so that we can condense 30 minutes of TV into 19. Twitter works because it requires very little commitment and its inherent simplicity. It is a media is conducive to our needs and our available time. I tweet in moments between responsibilities and appointments. I think it will probably change in the future but it will likely do so only in response to the changing needs of the users.

    As far as blogs go, they represent the same tradition of jounaling and diaries that have existed forever. Though rather than being locked and kept hidden they are public. I think blogging will remain for a long time. It is a powerful form or expression that fits nicely into our demicratic ideals and is firmly entrenched in our culture.