Friday, March 2, 2012

iPad As...X EdTechTeacher

Along with my EdTechTeacher colleague Beth Holland, we recently finished creating an iPad resource, The iPas As...  Unlike many iPad & App resources available that tend to list "favorite apps", we structured our resource in terms or goals, objectives or broader ideas that teachers may have for using iPads in their classroom.

The goals from the resource include (there are 12 in total):

  • I want my students to record & edit video
  • I want my students to create digital stories
  • I want my students to use the iPad as a response system

We will be updating the page as we explore and come across new and useful apps within the twelve learning goals and will also be including new learning goals as the page is updated.

Beth and I also update an EdTechTeacher Diigo iPad group that may be a helpful alternative to the iPad

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