Thursday, April 12, 2012

Embed Plus X Classroom Submission Option?

I came across a tweet today(I can't remember who it was) about EmbedPlus and immediately started to brainstorm about a method by which this resource could be used in schools.  The web tool is quite simple. Find a YouTube video, paste the link into the EmbedPlus site and the user now has a host of options to "adjust" the video:
  • Video size
  • Start & stop time
  • Scene markers
  • Notations
When all of the notations and adjustments are made, a new embed code is generated.

Here is a sample video that I created with iMovie on an iPad about a class I am working with that is using iPads to conduct a paperless research process.

Here is the annotated version using EmbedPlus:

Classroom Applications: When I was teaching history (World Studies and US History) we periodically would watch documentaries that were available on YouTube.  This would be a great option to have students either watch the video at home or in a computer lab, create their own customized annotations and either embed the adjusted video on their own blog, or submit the link to the adjusted video as their assignment.  How else can you envision using EmbedPlus in the classroom setting?

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  1. I found this to be pretty interesting:

    It's not particularly History but it seems to be a nice ESL option.