Monday, April 2, 2012

Senior Project Reflection

This was the first year that Plymouth South has had Senior Project as a semester long senior elective. There were 12 students and 12 teachers that were part of the pilot. We all learned a great deal through this process and I believe that every student that participated is better off for their experience.

At a recent faculty meeting a pair of students involved and a group of teachers were asked to speak about and answer questions about the process and our plan to expand to three sections of at least 60 students for next year. While I heard many positive, thoughtful and mindful comments about what the students learned, what skills they developed and how real this experience was, I just kept thinking the same thought.

Senior project was a success because I say hello every single day when was pass by in the hallway to 12 more students than I did if I wasn't involved. I take great pride in how many students I say hello to in the hallways every day. It is a small gesture, but one that matters, likely more than we can possibly imagine. I'll say hello to 12 unique seniors tomorrow, because of our involvement in senior project.

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