Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why go 1:1 iPad Revisited: Screencasting Peer Feedback

I've been working with @katrinakennett 's 10th grade English class for the past few weeks to help them progress through their paperless iPad research paper process.  We have finally made it to the point where roadblocks that once existed around technical expertise, comfort and understanding how to navigate the process on the iPad have disappeared and have been replaced by problem solving, creative thinking and collaboration.

For a number of students, a draft of their paper has been written and they are ready for the peer editing process.  While I was creating a video tutorial Explain Everything last night, I realized after originally overlooking it, the capability to import files from Dropbox into Explain Everything...idea time.

I will begin by outlining the process we have used to put it in perspective.
  • Students use Pages on the iPad to write their paper
  • They export their updated draft every day to their Dropbox account.
  • Exporting from Pages to Dropbox on the iPad is done through a third party client, SendtoDropbox.  This allows students to send documents via a unique email to an attachments folder in their Dropbox account (students also have been sending their paper draft to @katrinakennett 's dropbox account through her SendtoDropbox email)

At the point where the students have a rough draft ready for peer editing we took the next step:
  •  Open the latest version of their paper in Pages (the paper was either already in Pages on the iPad or it was downloaded from their Dropbox account and "opened in" Pages)
  • Export the rough draft from Pages as a PDF to a classmate's Dropbox account by emailing it to their SendtoDropbox email.

Now that students have swapped PDF versions of their papers and have a copy of each others work in their Dropbox accounts, it is time for screencasting their peer feedback.
  • Open Explain Everything
  • Create a new screencast using the feature to import from Dropbox
  • Sign into dropbox in ExplainEverything & select the classmates PDF
  • The PDF will be imported and the screencasting of peer feeback can begin.

Once the screencast is complete, upload it to YouTube and when the upload is complete the students can email each other the YouTube link with the video feedback.  This process worked well with the two students that had their rough drafts ready a bit early today, but I have already started to think about how the process would work for the entire class.

(Peer Editing through iPad Screencasting)

Class-wide Process:
  • Students export a PDF version of their paper from Pages on the iPad to a teacher Dropbox account via the teacher's SendtoDropbox email.
  • Teacher moves the PDF folders out of the "attachments" folder (folder where all SendtoDropbox documents go) into a new "rough draft folder"
  • Using the new "Get the Link" feature in Dropbox, the teacher would now make the "rough draft folder" accessible to the entire class through a shortened URL.
  • When students are already logged into their Dropbox account on the iPad, they then access the "rough draft" folder (teacher shortens folder URL), when they click on a PDF document within the rough draft folder they will be given the option to add it to their Dropbox account.
  • The student can then go through the process outlined above of opening ExplainEverthing, importing the PDF from their Dropbox account, screencasting peer feedback and publishing to YouTube.
  • Once published to YouTube, the student could email the link of their feedback to the classmate that they provided feedback for.  I would have the student also send the link to the teacher via email.
  • To collect all of the screencasts in one location, the teacher can create a Google Form where the empty fields would inclue:
    • Student that screencasted:
    • Student that wrote:
    • YouTube URL

Once @katrinakennett and I complete this process with the entire class I will follow up with some feedback.  It is strange that I am writing about this now, as I once wrote about video feedback with screencasting on a computer a year or so ago...much easier on an iPad.

What are your thoughts on students screencasting peer feedback?

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  1. Great work. Good tool is the Explain Everything app. Skitch is free PDF editor too that might work. As for your links, you can use a Google Form to submit the link and compile all in one place. Better than email.