Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why go 1:1 iPad Revisited (2): Foreign Films

I recently visited a foreign language class to help out with the classroom Eno Board (another blog post for another time...) and decided to stick around.  The teacher asked if I had ever hear of Henri the Cat.  I take a tiny bit of pride in attempting to know everything that is on the internet, but I had never crossed paths with Henri.  With her fully functioning Eno Board, she quickly pulled up Henri and we watched and laughed out loud with the students.  If you have never seen Henri, I suggest you take a few minutes to watch parts one and two.

Before I left the class, I asked the teacher if she would be interested in having her students create similar style films about our high school.  She was game, and we started the project the following Monday.

The pre-iPad Process (2 class periods)
- Students worked in pairs and determined a theme for their films.
- Each group picked 10 scenes for their film and wrote 10 lines.
- Each line was translated into French

The iPad Process (3 class periods)
- Students shot footage of each scene using the native video camera application (1 period)
- Students edited their footage in iMovie & started inserting subtitles and voice-overs
- Students completed the editing, subtitles & voice-overs
- Finished videos were exported from the iPads to YouTube

One of the finished products:

Once all videos are exported and published to YouTube, I pulled them all together on a project site that was created using Wix.  One a side note, Wix just upgraded their platform to include HTML5 templates, this allows the full site to be viewed perfectly on an iPad.

Here is our Ode to Henri project site, please take a look & let me know what you think about creating foreign language subtitled films in foreign language classes.

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  1. Thank you so much for this idea. I love it! I started it with my 8th graders. Quick you have a rubric for it? I can create one myself, but if you have already created one, it will save me time. Thanks, Sarah