Friday, August 2, 2013

iPads X RSA Animate X AppSmashing

Everyone has likely seen the Sir Ken Robinson talk that was turned into an animated film by RSA animate:

I've always loved the feel of these films and actually had students attempt to create similar products when I was teaching 9th grade world history.  Our process was a bit clumsy as we pointed flip cameras at dry erase boards, sped up the video with iMovie on a Mac and then laid in voice-overs.  We then published the final products to the web.  The video ended up being a bit clunky and the final product was not as polished as I would have liked.

Through a bit of experimenting, I have come up with a way to created RSA Animate style films using a few iPad apps...AppSmashing at its best for sure.

Apps used:
Explain Everything
TiltShift Video

The process is explained the the video below (quite quickly).

1. Create animated drawings in Explain Everything.
2. Export from Explain Everything to the camera roll.
3. Import the video into Tiltshift Video & speed up the video (I used 4X speed)
4. Export the video from Tiltshift to the camera roll.
5. Import the video into iMovie & lay voice-overs onto the fast footage.
6. Export / Publish to YouTube or Vimeo.



  1. Thank you for putting this together. I spent the second half of a beautiful Wednesday putting some test runs together. Had an avatar describe my favorite summer destination while another gave a rundown of my top 4 coffee spots. A little trouble isolating the avatar so the tellagami background won't show on the final run through. See great potential with virtual tours of historic locations with student avatars giving the background information or avatars providing a commentary on a visual summary of text. So many possibilities.

  2. I've had a blast utilizing this app smash! The problem I've had though is when I make a mistake while recording in Explain Everything is deleting the mistake and starting from where the recording left off. Any tips on this?