Saturday, October 26, 2013

AppSmashing with iMovie in iOS7

I've been exploring the concept of #appsmashing with a few edtech friends of mine lately and with the recent updates to iMovie in iOS7, there is a new layer added to the equation.

Picture in Picture & Split Screen video are two of the new features in iMovie for iOS7 that I am most excited about with regards to #appsmashing.  Imagine the possibilities that now present themselves. Video created with any application can now easily be layered on top of another bit of live video or played side by side another video clip.

Consider the following combination of apps and what could be created by students.
  • iMovie (4.99 - or free with new iPad purchases)
  • Explain Everything (2.99)
  • Tellagami (free)
Explain Everything: Create screencasts or animated video & export to the camera roll

Tellagami: Create avatar video & export to the camera roll

iMovie: Edit, layer (picture in picture / split screen), voice over & publish to the web (YouTube / Vimeo)

Watch the short video tutorial below that demonstrates the process using these three applications along with the new picture in picture feature in iMovie.  

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