Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Collaborative Mashup Video X iPads

This afternoon Lauren Putman sent me a tweet about the Ken Burns project where individuals from around the country are recording themselves reciting the Gettysburg Address and submitting their video the the "Learn the Address" site.

The site and project itself is fascinating and Lauren's tweet had me thinking about how a project like this could be facilitated at the classroom level, but with a slight twist.  The students creating and submitting the video content (of any speech or document) could first be uploaded to a collaborative work space (Google Drive folder), then students could download each other's video submissions and remix them into one individually remixed video.  I can envision students using snippets of each other's readings to create their final, mashup version of the original text or speech.  I also have to give a tip of the hat to Amy Burvall, for inspiring me with the remix concept at her recent presentation at the iPad Summit in San Diego.

The process to facilitate an in-class mashup of any speech requires three tools:
1. iPads 
2. Google Drive accounts
3. iMovie
Optional: Tellagami  (if students want to create avatar footage instead of live video footage)


1. Teacher creates a Mashup folder in Google Drive and shares the folder with all students involved in the project.  Students could also facilitate this project if they were working in small groups.

2. Students move the folder from "shared with me" to "my drive"

3. Students record themselves reciting a famous speech, document, poem or scene from a novel.

4. Students upload the video to the Mashup folder in Google Drive.  It may be helpful to also have students rename their submitted video so everyone working from the collaborative Mashup folder knows which videos they are viewing.

Once all of the student created video is uploaded to the Mashup folder in Google Drive, the content can be downloaded from Google Drive using the "open in" feature.  Video that is uploaded to Google Drive can be downloaded directly to iMovie and can be used to create a new project or can be added to an existing project in iMovie.

With the clips selected for download to iMovie, students can begin the process of editing the various clips together to create a mashup style video.

My original thought was to facilitate the entire process through Google Drive.  However, as Lauren suggested below in her tweet, AirDrop with newer iPads would work as well:

Alternative Idea:
Consider asking students to individually interpret the speech, document or reading and upload that small video clip to the shared folder.  Students could then download each other's videos from Drive and create another video mashup based on each their interpretation of their classmates interpretations of the original speech.  I think this idea is even more compelling as it is asking students to make meaning out of each other's unique ideas and perspective.

And here is the final video mashup from Lauren's class...

Collaborative mashup video by 7th grade students using only their iPads. Inspired by Ken Burns' "Learn the Address" (Gettysburg Address) project, my students studied, analyzed, and recited Pericles' "Funeral Oration" as part of our study of Ancient Greece.

Music: "River Flows in You" by Yiruma.

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