Thursday, March 20, 2014

Student iPad Video X Class YouTube Channel

It is often challenging to figure out how to publish and share student created content that is generated on iPads.  Students typically do not have their own YouTube channel and it is fairly typical for Google Apps for Education districts to turn off the YouTube function in the student apps domain.

No problem, there is an easy way for students to generate video content on their iPads that can be shared and published to a class YouTube channel by the classroom teacher.

The process:

1. Students create video content using any application that uploads directly to Google Drive (Explain Everything) or any app that exports content to the camera roll.  Upload to Google Drive by opening the Google Drive app and tapping on the + symbol in the top right hand corner.

2. The video can then be shared directly with the teacher by tapping on the small inspector icon ( i ) next to the file.  Or, the file can be placed into a folder that has already been shared with the class or teacher.

3. The teacher then opens Google Drive, and locates the student created content.  Tap on the small inspector icon ( i ) next to the file and select the open in feature.  With the YouTube Capture app installed, the teacher can then upload the student video to the teacher or class YouTube channel by sending the content to the YouTube Capture app.

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