Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#ettsummit X Magiera Keynote

Day 2 of the @edtechteacher #ettsummit continues with a morning keynote by Jenny Magiera (@msmagiera). Along with a quick whit and a few timely jokes, while sketching out her ideas I pulled out a few key thoughts.

  • Technology = Tool = Power = RESPONSIBILITY
  • Dr. Ruben Puentedura gave us all the gift of a tech framework...SAMR.  This framework can act as a blueprint to help us navigate new tools and how to use them in the teaching & learning process.
  • The little pig that built the brick house was an innovator
  • "Flipping" isn't always a great fit (access to wifi, etc...) but the concept can be used in the classroom to not "flip" but instead to "Clone the Teacher"
  • There is some magic script that can be run in a Google Sheet that allows you to push out a specific link or video to a responder based on how they filled out a form...this appears to be some sort of Jenny Google Magic
  • Technology can act as lots of things, one powerful approach is to provide and amplify student voice.
  • Technology ultimately can allow for students to access information based on their questions which can lead to EMPOWERMENT and a hand in the process.
  • Jenny is clever and suggested I could carry another 100lbs

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