Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#ettsummit X Will Richardson's Keynote

At the #ettsummit I decided that I would forgo using any sort of technology during the keynote talks or sessions that I attended.  Instead, I would use a paper notebook to capture the process of decoding the talk and recreating text and visuals into sketchnotes that could be shared later.

My sketchnotes below are from Will Richardson's (@willrich45) opening keynote.  

A few of my critical take-aways from his talk:
  • The abundance of information is impacting what it means to be a modern learner.
  • What role should school play now & do we need school?
  • Traditional Learning - we learn just in case
  • Modern Learning - we learn just in time
  • Modern learners have a "right to learn" that traditional schools are not addressing

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