Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Video Feedback vs. Feedback Archiving

In my afternoon session at the #ettsummit, we were exploring ways in which technology can enhance and impact the research, writing and feedback process.  One avenue that I discussed and had the group consider was the idea of teacher created video feedback on student writing.  The process is outlined below, and admittedly should not be used on every piece of writing, in every situation.  Further, there are a few technical steps along the way that have the potential to derail the system.

There was thoughtful feedback provided during the session from an elementary school teacher.  She suggested that the technical steps in the process outlined above would likely get in the way of making the process happen for her students and would therefore remove any value generated by the end product.  Another participant ( I don't recall his name ) made a thoughtful suggestion.  When a teacher (during class) is going to provide some feedback for the student in a face to face setting, the teacher can grab the student iPad and record their feedback in video form within Explain Everything.  Will the student hear the feedback in the mini-conference when it is taking place, absolutely.  Can the student potentially benefit from having a video archive of the mini-conference?  My guest is that it is both plausible and probable.  The new process is outlined below. 

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