Sunday, August 10, 2014

Paper53 X DoInk = Awesome

I spent a few days at Jesuit High School in Tampa last week, and ended up creating one of my favorite #appsmash creations of all time.  Please take a minute to watch the video, the process is outlined below

 Awesome! from Greg Kulowiec on Vimeo.

Pape53 (iPad)
DoInk (iPad)
Reflector (Mac)
Quicktime (Mac)
Google Drive (iPad & Mac)
iMovie (iPad)


We started by using Paper by 53 to create the artwork.  Simultaneously, the iPad was mirrored to a MacBook and the process was recorded using QuickTime screen recording function.

Once the video capture was done (about 25 minutes of creation), the video file was uploaded to Google Drive.

The video file was then exported from Google Drive on an iPad to iMovie.  iMovie was selected as the only option to export the video to from Google Drive.

In iMovie, any minor trimming or editing can be accomplished.  Then, export the video to the camera roll from iMovie.

TiltShift Video on the iPad is then used to speed up the video footage.  Once the video is sped up, it can again be exported to the camera roll.

We then used a make-shift green screen to have the artist discuss his process.  The video was captured with an iPad.  We made sure to have the artist speak for the approximate length of the sped up video that had previously been exported from TiltShift Video.

Using the DoInk Green Screen app, we layered the two videos to have the artist speak about his art while the process occurred behind him.  That merged video clip was again exported to the camera roll.

One more stop in iMovie to add some background music and to layer in the animated introduction that was created in Explain Everything, exported to the camera roll and added to the beginning of the video.

Then, export to Vimeo...

This would be an outstanding process to have students capture any sort of art they are creating with an iPad and then share not just the final product, but a video reflection about their process and experience creating.

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