Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hyperlapse & DoInk X App-Smashing

I've been experimenting with Hyperlapse quite a bit since its release to the App Store and while all of the uses haven't been particularly productive (mounting my iPhone on my dashboard to capture a morning commute to a workshop), I think I have identified what could be an extremely productive and helpful use for this tool in any sort of art classroom that has access to iPads.

The concept is to have students create a piece of art in the real world (painting, drawing or sculpture) and to use their iPad with Hyperlapse to capture the process.  A student could record over a series of days, with each Hyperlapse recording being sent to the camera roll for later use.

Once the creation process is complete, a student could then shoot video of themselves reflecting on and discussing the piece in front of a green screen.  The green screen video reflection should be approximately the length of the Hyperlapse video.  Both video clips can then be merged together using Green Screen by DoInk to create a final video reflection by the student with their piece playing back at a faster rate behind their reflection.  If any additional editing is required, the video can be exported from DoInk to the camera roll and then into iMovie for any additional editing or background music.

The video below as created with a slightly different process, but ultimately demonstrates the desired effect of a sped up video capturing the creation process with a layered green screen video reflection.


  1. Greg, how did Kevin record his sketch in Paper? Did he use a second device (i.e., a phone) to record as he sketched on his iPad?

  2. Lauren,

    We mirrored his iPad to a MacBook using Reflector (you could use airserver as well) and then we screen recorded the iPad using quicktime. That video when then uploaded back to Google Drive, then onto the ipad for editing in DoInk.

    Make sense?

    1. Totally makes sense! Might try this process with some students. Thanks!