Monday, September 8, 2014

Paper X Explain Everything = Animated Paper Videos

Years before having iPads in my classroom, I had students create paper animated videos with flip cameras and a bit of editing in iMovie on a MacBook.  The process was time consuming and tedious because there was only one MacBook for the entire class to use.  With a 1:1 iPad environment, very similar style videos can be created with a combination of paper drawings, Explain Everything and iMovie (optional).  Below is a quick visual guide to the process and there is a short video below that demonstrates a final product.

I can envision this type of creation process being used in nearly every classroom where students need to explain a concept or idea in their own words.  Also, because the actual student is not captured on video, this type of creation can likely be published and shared with the public even if there are specific restrictions on publishing student work.


  1. VERY cool! how long did it take you to create this? we have 1:1 in my school and I can't wait to share this idea with my teachers.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I like the whole series of posts that review different tools and possible applications.