Wednesday, January 28, 2015

iOS Productivity & Workflow

I have been slowly working through a number of different tools and processes to nail down a productivity workflow on my iPad that would actually make me more productive, organized and wouldn't add any additional steps.  I think I have finally found the solution and it is working perfectly.  To make the process even more worthwhile, the entire workflow process transfers and syncs seamlessly with my MacBook which is a basic requirement of any workflow process.

I need to recognize and thank Greg Garner, @classroom_tech for sharing Todoist and finalizing my workflow process.

I use three tools to balance three different daily process:

Calendar & Schedule: Sunrise (iOS, Mac)

To Do Lists: Todoist (iOS, Mac)

Notes, Ideas & Conversations: Evernote (iOS, Mac)

Setup & Daily Workflow Process:

Calendar: Sunrise pulls a feed from your Google calendar.  I already use Google Calendar with EdTechTeacher & had to simply login to Sunrise with my Google account to automatically pull in the Google Calendar feed and then pick which calendars I wanted to appear in Sunrise.

Log into Sunrise w/ a Google account & sync your calendars

Add events to your calendar in the Sunrise app & they will appear on the Google Calendar as well.

From Sunrise I can now view my entire schedule in multiple views and add events to my calendar that will automatically populate onto the Google Calendar if any of my colleagues are viewing the group calendars strictly through Google.

Event being added in the Sunrise app

To Do Lists: I have experimented with lots of to-do list tools (Clearly, paper lists, sticky notes, Google Tasks, Google Keep, etc...) and never found one that I really liked using.  Todoist does the trick.  Through the iOS app I can add tasks under customized categories.  The most helpful feature is the connection between Todoist & Sunrise.  When a to-do style task is added in Todoist with a date attached, it appears on your calendar in Sunrise.

Task added in Todoist

Task from Todoist with a date appears in Sunrise app & can be opened in Todoist

Notes, Ideas & Conversations: Evernote has been my go to for years when organizing ideas, web clippings, documenting conversations and drafting blog posts.  However, Evernote always operated independently in my workflow, like a walled garden of ideas...until Sunrise.  An Evernote account can be synced with Sunrise which populates Evernote notes onto your calendar when a reminder is added to an Evernote note.

Note added in Evernote with reminder date & time

Evernote note appears in Sunrise with open to open in Evernote

The best part of the entire workflow, as I mentioned earlier, is that every tool syncs with my MacBook.

What is your digital workflow?

Oh and that time when you wrote a blog post referring to Evernote and they retweeted it...kind of cool.

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  1. This is fascinating. I'd love to see a video of all this working together.