Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Year Long iPad Video

Capturing video is one of the most helpful features that can be integrated into classroom iPad use.  However, video capture, editing and creation is often seen as an end of unit project or event that requires extensive class time and planning.  Consider instead a semester or year long alternative to video capture and creation that asks students to create short video reviews of concepts covered in a class.  At the end of every unit, chapter or concept, the teacher can assign individual students, pairs or small groups to create short (30 second to 1 minute) explanations of key vocabulary, ideas or concepts to be captured in video form.  These short videos do not have to be created in class and would not require devoting any extra class time to the video creation process.

The video creation does not have to be exclusively be done by using the external video camera either. While it is viable to have students sit in front of an iPad and explain an idea, apps such as Explain Everything and Tellagami can be used as well.  As long as the video creation app support camera roll exporting it can be used.

At this point one of two approaches can be taken:
A - students upload the video to their own private Google Drive folder
B - students upload to a class video folder in Google Drive

At the end of the semester or the entire year, there could potentially be hundreds of short video clips that have been uploaded to one class video review folder in Google Drive that the entire class has access to.

The options at this point are nearly limitless:

  • Students create their top 10 video documentary
  • Students create a review video of ideas they still have trouble understanding
  • Students create a remix video that mixes video created by their classmates along with their own video reflections spliced in between
  • Students create a "connect the dots" video where they take 10 randomly selected video clips from the class folder and download them to iMovie.  They then have to "connect the dots" between the ideas by splicing in their own video reflections that connect the ideas together
The technical process for completing such year long video work is outlined in the images below:

1. Create a folder in Google Drive that is shared with students.   Students move the folder to My Drive & upload their short video content throughout the year.  Be sure to have them use a standard naming convention so the videos are easily identifiable at the end of the process.

2. When students are ready to create their year long video, tap on the inspector icon next to each video, then "open in" and select iMovie.  Once each video clip is downloaded to iMovie, students can begin to create their year long video.

Good luck creating! 

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