Monday, February 23, 2015

Animated Sketchnotes: Take 2

In a few previous posts I have been working through a process of transforming my paper sketchnotes first into hybrid notes layered on top of a photograph and then into video notes with animated text. In this second attempt at animated sketch notes, I have introduced a new application into the mix to add a layer of animated images along with text into the final product.


  • Paper53
  • Explain Everything
  • TiltShift Video
  • Tellagami
  • Adobe Voice
  • DoInk Green Screen

1. Record the video segments in Telleagami with a white background & export to the camera roll.

2. Add the Tellagami clips to DoInk Green Screen on the bottom layer of the project.

3. Create animated images with Adobe Voice. Be sure to customize the background to a green screen. Record each image for the desired amount of time for playback in the final video and then export each image individually to the camera roll.


4. Create sketches in Paper53 with black ink and export them as transparencies to the camera roll.

5. Import the Paper53 transparencies into Explain Everything and animate the text on top of a green screen background. Export each bit of animated text individually to the camera roll. If some of the animations are too slow, TiltShift Video is an option to speed up the video clips to a perfect desired length.

6. Layer the Adobe Voice animations and Paper53 animations above the background video in DoInk's Green Screen App. Be sure to turn down the volume on these video clips. Adjust their length, location and size accordingly

Finally, export the final product to the camera roll and upload to the desired location.

As I attempted to explain and capture with the video, this process was tedious, sometimes frustrating and often things didn't turn out as I originally planned. I also has to revise and rethink my process along the way to make things work. But, ultimately the process was extremely valuable because of the many problems that had to be solved along the way.


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