Friday, February 27, 2015

Hand Drawn Slides...Embracing Slow

Before I go any further, I publicly thank Michael Cohen @thetechrabbi ( The Tech Rabbi Site ) for the inspiration for this post and the idea of hand drawing ones slides for a presentation.

My process of going analog has been building as of late.  I've recently written about my approach of turning paper notes into share-able picture notes.  Increasingly when either reading or listening to a presentation or speaker, I leave my devices powered down in a bag and rely on a pen and my Moleskine notebook.  Based on the buzz that Michael created at the last iPad Summit in San Diego with his hand drawn slides, I decided I would take on the challenge of creating with a similar approach.  Here are his stunning slides...

But first, why bother? I can create my presentation slides with Google Slides with hyper speed.  Finding and inserting needed images, check.  Importing needed slides from earlier presentations, check.  Why would I essentially quadruple (and that is putting it lightly) the amount of time needed to create?

Reason #1: Reconnecting by disconnecting - While these slides were created using an iPad digitally, I didn't rely on the internal search tool in Google Slides that so easily lets me search and find any image that I might need in my slides.  I found that by not relying on stock images or the content previously created by others (or myself by importing old slides), I was forced to reconnect with the ideas and thing carefully about how I wanted to present the information.  Everything couldn't be included and I had to be very thoughtful about the balance between the amount of time it would take me to create each idea & what I was trying to share.  I also found myself explaining ideas in ways that I hadn't before, more precisely in many ways.

Reason #2: Humanizing Technology - I tend to run workshop on processes that can be at some points overwhelming and technical.  This workshop in particular could be placed in that very category.  I thought that by presenting the information in a slightly messy, hand drawn and raw approach, the ideas may possibly come across as more accessible.  The outcome of this goal is uncertain...

My slides for the EdTechTeacher Google Jamboree ( #ettgoogle )

Paper by 53
Google Drive App

1. Create a template slide in Paper by 53 & copy the page over X number of times.
2. Create individual slides on the template slide
3. Export all slides to the camera roll (screen shot is my method)
4. Upload images to a Google Drive folder
5. Open Google Slides on a Chromebook
6. Import images from the Google Drive folder

NOTE: I imported a blank template slide that was duplicated in the final presentation to allow for any necessary images or screenshots to be added to the hand drawn slides.

NOTE: This process could have been created exclusively on an iPad as well by importing the pictures into Keynote

Final Thoughts...the process was slow, challenging, at times frustrating, but ultimately I haven't ever been happier with the outcomes of a slide deck I've used in a hand on workshop session.

Good luck drawing.

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