Monday, February 16, 2015

Hybrid Sketchnotes: Paper & iPads

During +Alec Couros  keynote at the most recent EdTechTeacher iPad Summit I left my iPad & MacBook in my backback and broke out my Moleskine notebook.  I've been making a conscious decision lately when listening to people speak or present to only use a paper notebook and jot down my notes with a pen or pencil.

Here are my thoughts captured during Alec's talk:

While it is reasonable to then tweet out the picture of my notes, I wanted to take another approach to transfer my thinking to a more visually appealing and shareable medium: a photograph.  Building from the inspirational sketch noting work of +Brad Ovenell-Carter and the recent Infopic post by +Tony Vincent, I decided I would attempt to transfer my paper notes and layer them over a picture of Alec from his talk.

TiltShift Video
Explain Everything
Paper by 53


1. Blur the picture to emphasize the speaker using TiltShift. Export to the camera roll.

2. Import the picture into Keynote to adjust the transparency and add any title text.  Screen shot to export from Keynote & crop the image in the camera roll to remove Keynote toolbar.

3. Import the picture into Explain Everything to add text.  Use the infinite zoom tool to zoom into the picture to precise adjustment of text.

4. Create hand drawn images in Paper by 53 & export as a transparencies to the camera roll.

5. Add transparent drawings from Paper to the image in Explain Everything & resize as needed.

6. Add slightly transparent shading in Explain Everything underneath text to make it visible.

7. Export & publish!


  1. That's pretty cool! .... like re-writing notes in a creative way. I will try this!