Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Living Comics with iPads

Lots of experimentation lately with Green Screen by DoInk because of their recent update that allows videos to be pinched and resized within the app. This allows for some creativity that was previously not possible with this device..."Living Comic Strips"

The Process:

1. Shoot green screen video with the camera.

2. Create comic strip style thought or discussion bubbles in Explain Everything with a green screen background.

3. Create a comic strip in a 16:9 aspect ratio and export to the camera roll. I used Strip Design for this process.

4. Layer all three elements in Green Screen by DoInk and export to the camera roll.

In my next go around my thought is to strategically plan the video creation to have people in different comic strip frames interact with one another. The planning process would be critical here and would require knowing the amount of wait time needed to allow one person to talk and the other to respond once the original scene was complete.



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