Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chromebooks & Video Creation

Video Creation Options:

Snagit - Screencasting (Chrome Extension)

Process: With the Snagit Chrome Extension installed, users can record any screen or window that is open on their device.  The final video product is automatically exported and stored in Google Drive (in a TechSmith folder).  The video can also be uploaded directly to one's YouTube channel when the screencasting process is complete.


  • Automatic backup to Google Drive
  • Built-in YouTube Upload (see image above)
  • Unlimited Recording Length


  • Inability to select portion of the screen when recording

Screencastify - Screencasting (Chrome Extension)

Process: Tap on the Screencastify extension to begin recording a single tab or your entire desktop. There is a helpful option to turn on the webcam while recording to create a more personal final product.  (See Image Below)

The pop-up menu when one begins screencasting

There is a helpful feature in the settings to determine a saving location.

Modifying the storage location for screencasts in the Screencastify Settings

The final screen allows for extensive exporting and saving options.

The final screen when one is done screencasting with Sharing options 


  • Enable the webcam while screencasting
  • Enable a preview window while recording
  • Pause screencast & continue recording
  • Save screencasts locally or auto-upload to Google Drive
  • Export to YouTube option


  • 10 Minute Limit
  • Video format is WebM.  Video conversion may be required to share and view on other devices (mobile) without uploading to YouTube.  CloudConvert is a helpful option for this conversion process.

PowToon - Animation (Google Drive App)

Process: Begin a new project in PowToon by adding characters, text & images to a slide.  Characters, text and images can be animated to appear and disappear at specific points in the recording.  There is also the option to record one's voice before beginning any animation process.  With the voice track added, animations can be customized to match up with the ideas from the audio.

The editing Studio in PowToon

  • A project can be started, saved and edited later from one's PowToon dashboard
  • Final projects can be uploaded to YouTube from a free account
  • Editing interface has a short learning curve
  • A number of free templates to choose from
  • Built in Creative Commons Flickr search for images


  • 5 minute time limit per video with free version.  The time limit can be overcome by uploading two 5 minute projects to YouTube and combining with the YouTube Creator Studio (see below).

External / Mobile Device (iPad, iPhone, Android)

Process: Using any mobile device, videos can be captured & uploaded to YouTube.  Once uploaded to YouTube, small video clips can later be combined and editing on a Chromebook using the YouTube Creator Studio (see below).  

Editing Option:

YouTube Creator Studio (Video Editor)

Process: Once videos are uploaded (from Snagit, Screencastify or PowToon, they can be merged and edited.  Access the YouTube Creator Studio by clicking on one's user icon when logged into YouTube and selecting Creator Studio.  Then, select Create Video (see image below).


  • Drag & Drop interface from previously uploaded videos
  • Search for Creative Commons videos that can be used in video projects
  • Add Text & Transitions between video clips
  • Add royalty free music
  • The newly edited video will be published to one's YouTube channel
  • Combine shorter clips from PowToon & Screencastify to bypass their creation limits
The YouTube Creator Studio Video Editor


  • Editing can at times be slow and clunky if working on an older Chromebook or if a school network is experiencing heavy traffic.

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